A Deeper Dive Into One80

Best Version of Ourselves

We promote and encourage our REALTORS® to be in a steady state of growth. Being a well rounded human and business person will help you in almost every facet of your life. We believe in balance, promoting health minds and bodies.

Power in Collaboration

At One80 collaboration is in our DNA. We only want team players who understand what you give you get back 20 fold. When we combine kind, smart, experienced and passionate people in an environment where it's natural to work together it's explosive, great things happen. We are supportive, hold each other accountable and dream together making a fun and motivating environment to work in.

Industry Leading Technology

Why settle for tools that were chosen for you because they were the best price instead of best of breed? At One80 you don't have too, we provide all of our agents the tools they need to be successful. From high end customized agent search sites to the leading paperless transaction management platform and so much more, we have what you need to thrive in this era of technology.

Let's be honest the tools that the corporate office provided aren't awesome, you may even say they suck. If you work for an indie chances are you don't have company provided tech tools at all.

We provide you with all of the tools you need. We had biggest custom website builder in the industry develop our website and lead generation platform. This gives each agent a website they can be proud of but more importantly be found by people. People are searching you online, will you stand out or blend in? With us you will stand out.

Each agent gets their own branded industry leading mobile search app. This isn't some free tool from the MLS… Our search app allows buyers to search by commute time to their place of work or school district. You have a CRM tied to your website and mobile app to track your buyers search habits or incubate online leads in, this is HUGE for collaboration and closing ratios. Our agents will all have access to the branded One80 Marketing center powered by Imprev® to create fun, rad and fast new marketing pieces. The system is seriously slick! All of our company documents and materials are cloud based and accessible on the go from your phone, tablet or computer. We are proudly powered by Google Business apps for our email, calendars and storage.

We use a customized Docusign signature platform that is directly integrated into our paperless transaction management system called Docusign Transaction Rooms. DTR as we call it allows you to create, and manage transactions from anywhere and on any device. Wait it actually doesn't work on flip phones, but everyone else is cool. Create a transaction, write and offer, send it for signatures and have it automatically submitted in a way that tracks when it's opened all from your vacation or kid’s soccer game.

Our technology platform is second to none and always getting better, check it out for yourself.

In House Transaction Management & Superior Process

How does this benefit me? It creates a balance between life and your career. As a REALTOR® you are paid on closing deals, if we can free up hours and hours of your time per deal wouldn't you be able to use that time to generate more deals, or even better time to chill with friends or family? Even with a fully paperless transaction working the disclosures and contracts is stressful as hell. Let us take that stress completely off of your shoulders.

In House Creative Marketing Agency

One80 has a full service and in house creative agency focused on making you shine right at your fingertips.
We make our REALTORS look freaking amazing so they can focus on strengthening current relationships and creating new ones. The brand of you is one of the most critical pieces of your success.

We will create everything you need to market yourself like a top producing professional and market your listings like no one else in the area can.

One80 University 

We believe in a hands on personalized approach to education and coaching. We are in an industry that doesn't place enough value on learning. Most brokerages training is boring, general and not in depth, some even charge for this stuff.. Sure there are "Gurus" that can teach you to potentially get more leads.

The problem is do you have the well rounded skill set needed to close them and get their referrals after? If you dont now after a short time at One80 you will.