3 Quick Ways to Grow Your Business

The Backbone of Growth is having a Business Plan and Working It!

We all start this business with big dreams and goals! Where the majority of agents fail is right from the beginning by failing to create and stick to a business plan. How can we run our business by design when we don't have a plan to take you there?

Ask yourself this question. Do I wake up every morning with a goal and an written action plan to make it happen? If not, whether you realize it or not you're waiting for people to drop you bread crumbs versus living a life you designed for success. Do you plan on growing your business and making 2018 even better? It's nearly impossible to do without a well written business plan and a will and drive to make it happen.

Come talk with us, strategy is what sets us apart from the competition. Let us help you create a customized strategy and business plan that is realistic, easy to stick to and one that will position you for success. It's the difference between creating the business you have envisioned for years thus financial freedom and the roller coaster most agents live on. We won't let you fail, we won't leave you behind.

Custom Built Website and Mobile Search App.

We just recently we have launched our newest website and CRM platform. We searched for over a year to find the right vendor. We needed to have a kick ass design, paired with a strong technical framework to have strong organic SEO. That wasn't enough, the search experience had to be incredible and intuitive as well. User experience was at the top of the priority list. For folks that wanted to search on mobile, we needed to perfect that too. Our agent websites and branded apps were designed to let you create a better buying experience for your client. You can track your buyers search activity to better engage with them. Both of these tools can drive some insane leads for you and will give you everything you need to incubate these leads into deals!


Never Lose a Listing Again with 3D Virtual Tours and Custom Listing Sites.

At One80 Realty, we have focused our efforts on making the real estate experience more efficient and successful by leveraging technology. By leveraging technology we dramatically improve the process and experience for our agents and clients. We focus on bringing you solutions you can use and that your business will clearly benefit from. One way we do this is through the use of 3-D virtual walk thru technology. This cutting edge technology allows you to put buyers into listing from anywhere in the world, while on almost any device. Using our 3D technology, you can literally rotate and spin your view by 360 degrees seeing almost every nook and cranny of the house. Gone are the days when buyers have to set an appointment just to get an idea if they like a house.

Every listing gets its own custom site built putting our 3D virtual tour front and center.  Paired with beautiful high-resolution photography to capture the sexiest features of the home our sites are meant to connect with the buyer's and emotions needs visually. How often are buyers are looking for school info when shopping houses? Too often to count, so we decided to integrate with Greatschools.org the leading school rating company. This gives parents searching school scores and info all of the needed info right there on our listing sites. This way potential home buyers can engage directly from our site with relevant information that they are eager to know.

No more sharing a 3rd party site or a barebones one from your company or vendor.