Will the One80 Difference Take Your Business to the Next Level? We Think So.

There are a lot of real estate brokerages to choose from and last time I checked they all say they are awesome. The goal with our career page is to provide a little peek behind the curtain of what we've built here for our REALTORS®. We feel extremely confident in saying what has been built by agents for agents is going to grow your business and take you to the level you are driven to reach.

An office for the next generation of REALTORS®

We spend more time at work than we do awake at home. So why aren't more offices built out to make people feel comfortable like they are at home? Ours is and we love it.

Located in downtown Brentwood, we created a space that is vibrant, inviting and set up to promote collaboration. We have a lounge area and gathering table for our team to collaborate and come together at. 55 inch flat screens paired with Apple TV in both the lobby and conference room make for awesome agent collaboration or to make presentations and work clients. 

Let's face it who wants to sit in a old dingy office space full of cubicles and fax machines? Hopefully you don't anymore.


The Backbone of Growth is having a Business Plan and Working It!

We all start this business with big dreams and goals! Where the majority of agents fail is right from the beginning by failing to create and stick to a business plan.  How can we run our business by design when we don't have a plan to take you there?

Ask yourself this question. Do I wake up every morning with a goal and an written action plan to make it happen? If not, whether you realize it or not you're waiting for people to drop you bread crumbs versus living a life you designed for success. Do you plan on growing your business and making 2018 even better?

Custom Built Website & Mobile Search App with CRM     

Just recently we have launched our newest website and CRM platform. We searched for over a year to find the right vendor. We needed to have a kick ass design, paired with a strong technical framework to have strong organic SEO. That wasn't enough, the search experience had to be incredible and intuitive as well. User experience was at the top of the priority list. For folks that wanted to search on mobile, we needed to perfect that too. Our agent websites and branded apps were designed to let you create a better buying experience for your client. You can track your buyers search activity to better engage with them. Both of these tools can drive some insane leads for you and will give you everything you need to incubate these leads into deals!

Stop Losing Listings with Our 3D Virtual Tours and Custom Listing Sites.

At One80 Realty, we have focused our efforts on making the real estate experience more efficient and successful by leveraging technology. By leveraging technology we dramatically improve the process and experience for our agents and clients. We focus on bringing you solutions you can use and that your business will clearly benefit from. One way we do this is through the use of 3-D virtual walk thru technology. This cutting edge technology allows you to put buyers into listing from anywhere in the world, while on almost any device. Using our 3D technology, you can literally rotate and spin your view by 360 degrees seeing almost every nook and cranny of the house.

Best Version of Ourselves

We promote and encourage our REALTORS® to be in a steady state of growth. Being a well rounded human and business person will help you in almost every facet of your life. As a company we all believe in being the best we can be, always try to get better, do better sharpening our skills so we can continually grow and learn. We believe in balance, promoting health minds and bodies.

Power in Collaboration

At One80 collaboration is in our DNA. We only want team players who understand what you give you get back 20 fold. When we combine kind, smart, experienced and passionate people in an environment where it's natural to work together it's explosive, great things happen. We are supportive, hold each other accountable and dream together making a fun and motivating environment to work in.

Industry Leading Technology

Why settle for tools that were chosen for you because they were the best price instead of best of breed? At One80 you don't have too, we provide all of our agents the tools they need to be successful. From high end customized agent search sites to the leading paperless transaction management platform and so much more, we have what you need to thrive in this era of technology.

In House Transaction Management & Superior Process

How does this benefit me? It creates a balance between life and your career. As a REALTOR® you are paid on closing deals, if we can free up hours and hours of your time per deal wouldn't you be able to use that time to generate more deals, or even better time to chill with friends or family? Even with a fully paperless transaction working the disclosures and contracts is stressful as hell. Let us take that stress completely off of your shoulders.

In House Creative Marketing Agency

One80 has a full service and in house creative agency focused on making you shine right at your fingertips. We make our REALTORS look freaking amazing so they can focus on strengthening current relationships and creating new ones. The brand of you is one of the most critical pieces of your success. We will create everything you need to market yourself like a top producing professional and market your listings like no one else in the area can.

One80 University

We believe in a hands on personalized approach to education and coaching. We are in an industry that doesn't place enough value on learning. Most brokerages training is boring, general and not in depth, some even charge for this stuff.. Sure there are "Gurus" that can teach you to potentially get more leads. The problem is do you have the well rounded skill set needed to close them and get their referrals after? If you dont now after a short time at One80 you will.

Giving Back

Here at One80, we realize that we are in the service industry; to truly serve others and put someone else's interests above your own definitely requires a servants heart.

We have a simple rule here, to work at One80, you have to be involved in community service. From helping throw charity fundraisers to hosting kids events, we are always looking for ways serve our community. We also hold numerous volunteer positions with a variety of non-profit institutions. Several of our REALTORS® contribute to our profession to enrich our community by serving on the Board of Directors and committees of our local, state and national real estate associations.

Our actions speak louder than our words. We live by our principles. 

Since One80 Started in 2015 We Have ...


Hours Spent Volunteering

Over 30,000

Dollars Spent To Better Our Community


Plane Flights Away from our Families


The Leadership Team is focused on fulfilling our vision of creating a new way of doing real estate. Believing the power of A new direction is in collaboration, empowerment and technology agents can leverage. We are focused on what agents need to thrive today not 20 yrs ago. As a team we are all driven to see you grow into the best version of yourself. And Yes, we are ready to work hand in hand with you to get there!

Oh and just because we look young. Let us mention that our team has over 25 years of combined experience in coaching agents, running real estate companies and creating platforms for agent success. We have positioned ourselves as industry leaders, we know a thing or two about selling real estate and growing agents businesses.

To read more about any of our leaders click on their photo below to read a full bio and personal insights.


Nick Solis
President & Co - Founder

Michael Gordon
Vice President

Ally Gibbs
Success Manager

Hear From a Few Folks on Our Team


Are YOU the best version of yourself? If not, YOU owe it to yourself to take a look at what we can offer YOU.

Are YOU ready to take your business to the next level?  Maybe YOU want to be the next person to join our management team or are YOU the entrepreneurial type and want to become a Joint Venture Office Owner?

Let's start with an informal conversation. We would love to talk sometime about your business. We are definitely interested to hear what you need most in the partnership with your brokerage. We have a lot to offer the right people, but we always want to make sure we can fill a need for you first.

We understand your need for privacy and commit to doing whatever it takes to keep your inquiry and any subsequent conversations confidential.